JewishBohemian Fraud

Dovid Krafchow let go of this nomenclature in 2012 at a very low point in his life; he gave up his website, wiped out a hundred videos from his You Tube account and went on lamb for three years. In the meantime, someone acquired the name and made a secret website fraudulently claiming to be Dovid Krafchow. Recently Dovid Krafchow acquired a new website called; however, whenever the name Dovid Krafchow is put in the browser, JewishBomenian comes up. I am writing this blog, so when the name Dovid Krafchow incurs JewishBohemian on the web, this post will follow.

People stoop to stupidity because they lack Yira Shamaim/Fear of Heaven, meaning: they think God is not watching––but this is the greatest stupidity of all. This world is only the entrance into the great hall at the end of life; the greatest pain at the end of life is to view how we used these precious moments upon the Earth preparing to enter Heaven. All souls go to Heaven, there is nowhere else to go. There is nowhere to hide in Heaven, everything is revealed because the light of Heaven is the light of truth and beauty.

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Today, November 19, is International Toilet Day. I know because my toilet stop working completely. A previous tenant apparently had thrown too many condoms down the toilet. Also, my neighbor’s toilet

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