What Makes Us Wild

The ancients called our world, Tavel; a word indicating the collusion of man and beast––as in, a man or woman having sex with an animal; however, the word Tavel can also mean a collusion between the human being the animal. What makes us wild is the animal within; without the animal, the human being dies of malaise. The nature of the human being derives from the element of air––cold and ephemeral; without the animal within drawing the human soul out into the world, the soul would defuse and do nothing but disperse, as does the nature of air.

The animal, in contrast, comes from the element of fire; air and fire have a symbiotic relationship––fire is fed by air; air ascends through fire. This dance of life is replicated our brains and emotions. The fire of our emotions is fed by the thoughts of our mind; if our thinking is productive, then our emotions will help to achieve whatever the task––however, negative thoughts incur anger and arrogance. Also, the word Tavel in gematria is 432, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ a musical tuning mathematically consistent with the universe. In the Twentieth Century musical tuning was changed to 440.

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