A Two Thousand Year Old Prediction

In the Talmud, the Jewish Book of Law written at the brink of the Jewish diaspora two thousand years ago, predicts, In the End of Days the Arab People will arise to become great but instead they will fall and the Persians will become dominant, instead. This prediction is happening before our eyes as the Sunni Saudi government executes a peaceful protesting Shia cleric, thereby declaring war against Iran––the most powerful Shia nation in the world. Iran is vowing, this will be the end of the Royal Sunni family placed there a hundred years ago by the West.

The West, having taken what they need, have no appetite to protect their allies like Saudi Arabia. This event was predicted to happen two thousand years ago by a prophetic people. Nations, like Hawaii capitulate rather than fight, but a king will sacrifice everything, his people his wealth, to remain king. However, there is but one King, the Creator of the World, whose decrees stand forever. There is a script to creation concluding in the End of Days, our time. The Talmud, does not predict a war but rather a falling from power. Man choses war.

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