The Soft Voice

The soft voice of a broken heart is where God listens; essence and truth are quiet––the melding of oneness happens when the ego has nothing left to chew on. Outward expressions, even out of torment or bliss, are but a glimmer from the essence many times attenuated. What we see, what we call reality, is only an outward expression of the essence. When we die, the outside reality slips away and the consciousness dissolves back to essence. If so, what is the point of life? The essential quintessence harbors no memory of past and no thoughts of the future.

The purpose of life is to get closer to the Creator. The Creator is neither physical nor spiritual; the Creator is present all the time to everyone but how to get closer? It is easier for the Creator to come down to us than for us to have to ascend to the Creator. The place where creation and Creator merge is in the broken heart. Life is a place for love. Love is the mother of emotions; when the love ends, the heart breaks––through the broken heart man and God merge. Love is temporal but what love accomplishes is forever.

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