Good and Bad

The arena for life is set between the boundaries of good and bad but without free choice and commandments, the boundaries are meaningless and life becomes a boundless meandering with no end in sight. These two opposite energies, the infinite and the finite, can be seen in the way in which we teach about creation. Some say, life came from a big bang therefore time and space goes on forever; others maintain, creation was created and therefore creation is bounded by the plan of creation. Some regard morality as relative––a manmade necessity; others argue for divine judgement and appointed punishment.

Love breaches all boundaries. There is no morality in love but there are judgements. The ancients taught of seven requirements corresponding to the seven parts of the body: 1) head-don’t worship idols; 2) right arm-don’t steal; 3) left arm-don’t murder 4) torso-don’t use God’s Name in vain; 5) right leg-protect environment; 6) left leg-make courts of law; 7) sex-make laws protecting sexual freedom. Good and bad can be established once commandments are instituted allowing judgement to occur and progression happen. Then, freedom of choice becomes relevant and life takes on purpose and meaning.

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