The Zohar

Today I was reading the Zohar, as I do in the early mornings, and came across this extraordinary exclamation: there is a large orbit surrounding our solar system, taking millions of years to circumvent the Sun. Recently, over the last two weeks, scientist have raised the theory of there being an additional planet beyond the Kuiper Belt, located at the end of the solar system. Not only did the ancients know of the outer six planets, but also this newly theorized mysterious massive orb at the very rim of our cosmic bubble. The Zohar was written two thousand years ago.

Zohar means, Brilliant. The brilliance of the Zohar required a thousand years to come to the Earth; even then, the Zohar was indecipherable for three hundred years––only five hundred years ago was the key to the Zohar revealed by the Ari in Northern Israel. For five hundred years, the light and illumination of the Zohar has slowly filtered down to the Earth, like the invisible dew. Now, the Zohar is readily found in many translations but the enigmatic nature of the Zohar remains, revealing the answer but not the question. The Zohar takes place inside Rebbe Shimmon’s head, literally.

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