Jerusalem--Heart of the World

A common folk tale explains, the many stones found in Jerusalem are the result of the many visitors who come with hard feelings in their heart and leave a stone in Jerusalem. Everything flows through the heart. Two ancient Temples stood on the same place and were destroyed on the same day, the Ninth of Av, five hundred years apart. One Temple stood for 410 years and the other for 420 years with an interruption of seventy years during the Babylonian Exile. The major function of the Temple, like the heart, was to manage the blood of the sacrificed animals.

Most all the animals sacrificed were also eaten by the owners of the animal and by those who officiated in the Temple; the blood of the animal was taken and poured on the altar. Sacrificing the animal part of the person for the purpose of doing God’s Will draws down light from beyond the ten illuminations of creation called, the Ten Sefirot. The animal is the essence of the human body, which is nourished by the soul; in the future, so we are promised by the prophets, the soul will be sustained by the body––Jerusalem is the heart.

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