The Unicorn of Truth

The unicorn is famous in the Torah because the multi-colored skins of the longtime extinct species was used as a ceiling for the Mischon/Tabernacle during forty years in the Wilderness; above these skins, acting as a roof, was the red-died goat hair. Color was predominant in the Mischon, representing the different aspects of creation, but the multi-colored skins of the Tachashim/Unicorns represented truth. Truth is multi-faceted; one color cannot be true because each perspective lacks the other perspective.

The unicorns lived only at that time, 3,500 years ago, for the purpose of the Mischon. In the Hebrew language, Emet/Truth is composed of three letters: Aleph-Mem-Tov––the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet; as if to say, Truth must include everything–– therefore, truth and beauty are synonymous. Truth and beauty are ephemeral, like the unicorn; here only momentarily––like the clay on a potter’s wheel, once the form achieves symmetry, merely through the motion of time and space, changes everything. We cannot catch truth and hold her in our hands, but we can behold her above us, hovering like a dove, cueing gently in the ears of the quiet ones.

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