Two Heads

tThe entirety of Jewish knowledge is know by the word Torah/Teaching; these teachings are derived from the first five books, known as the Five Books of Moshe––the five books begin with the word, Bereshith/In the Beginning and ends, five books later, with the word Yisroel/Israel. Both words, Bereshith and Yisroel, have implicit in their spelling, the word Rosh/Head. In the beginning of creation God was the head, meaning this is the reason things in creation are logical––cause and effect.

Even scientists faced with aberrant behavior within nature call it an anomaly of nature. The Torah ends with the word Yisroel/Israel; the meaning of the word Yisroel is one who struggles with God and if the letter of Yisroel are rearranged the form the phrase, Rosh Li/My Head. The Jewish People are recipient of the knowledge of the Torah with the commandment–– Be lights unto the Nations. The dismal state of the world is proof the Jewish People have not done their job adequately enough. By bringing Torah to the whole world is how the Jewish People becomes heads, as is stated in the Torah. In this way, the two head become one.

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