Heaven and Earth

God created Heaven with the right hand and with the left hand created Earth; right has the sense of giving and left the sense of holding back––this is born out by the amount of darkness in the world compared to the amount of light in the heavens. To God, Heaven and Earth are two individuals requiring an outside power to bring them together; God accomplices bringing Heaven and Earth together through the mysteriously beautiful Shakina––she is glue between Heaven and Earth holding us together

through the travails of life.

Shakina murmurs to us in our time of difficulty. Because Shakina is exemplified by gentle kindness, she is easily kicked out of the way by thoughtless human actions. God takes kicking the Shakina very personally because God and Shakina are married every Friday Night. Once, one Shabbat afternoon I was miserable at my situation; I was laying on the couch thinking––I could not go on. Then, out of the country silence, I felt a rustle in the air, a sudden excitement had ignited around me but before I react, I felt Shakina pass by, she touched me with a feather and I was happy. Blessed is the Shakina.

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