Male and Female

In the Hebrew language, Male/Zakor also has the associated meaning of Remember, men remember; Female/Nukva translates in Aramaic as Nosa, which means forget, woman are good at forgetting––the Elders said, If man were to give birth he would only do it one time because he would remember the pain. This eternal dance between remembering and forgetting is played out in the most benign ways, like woman making things right by a wave of the hand, like the fairy mother making everything new again. Vengeance comes from not being able to forget, men carry on vengeance for generations.

The ancients also taught, men and woman are not only different sexes but also different species. One of the ingredients necessary in athletics is a good memory, it is called muscle memory; perhaps, this is why men tend to excel in sports more than women. Forgetting allows forgiveness to engage; without women the world would be worn-torn with war, redeeming vengeance in blood. In 224 years the world will enter into the Thousand Years of Peace, also known as the Thousand Years of Woman when the past will be forgotten, reduced back down to the dust of the Earth.

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