God loves Sex

The Jewish People, who have 613 Commandments and laws without end, which involve every situation imaginable, yet there are no laws concerning sex––because God loves sex. There are many laws and constraints regarding when and with whom one can engage in sexual behavior but once the two permissible people becomes engages in sex––there is no law. The reason why God loves sex is because God is One and sex is the closest physical-ethereal experience to oneness. The common refrain heard ubiquitously throughout the globe, a continuous prayer, in every language, moaning to the Creator––Oh my God.

Unity is different than oneness. When there is unity, two divergent entities come together; but when there is oneness, there is nothing other. The ultimate aspiration of the soul is to fly closer to the Creator until absorbed back into the source of life; this essential longing animates life––without the longing for oneness life would be eternal boring unity. Unity is a function of time breaking down and degrading while oneness is forever. This Oneness is only found with the Creator; the bridge between the Creator and the creation, and the bridge between unity and oneness, is sex.

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