Space Rocks

The ancients noted, If the skies in the sky were paper, and all the water is the seas were ink, and all the blades of grass pens––there would not be enough to write the working of Rome. Similarly, with the latest Roman project––protecting the Earth from space rocks. These far-flung adventures allowing Roman Technologies a path to expand through excuse, is what is called progress; these mythical oceans of ink, black with perfidy, are the money from the oil fields necessary to finance such a deal––building an apparatus to protect the Earth from cosmic disaster.

Four thousand years ago, according to the ancients, a group of smooth talking, magic doing dudes, said the same thing and as a result built the Tower of Babel on Mars. In our time, when people around the world are suffering beneath the heavy hand of technological warfare, when drought and famine have become yearly events while the earth burns and floods in stages, would it not be more practical, to spend the money taking care of human beings who are the only ones able to articulate thoughts and emotions into words––to ask God, please help and protect us.

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