The Facade of Religion

Two thousand years ago, the Jewish People were forced out of their land to wonder upon the earth; eventually dispersed to the four corners of the world, the Torah/Teachers was the glue of cohesion. At the same time, the Holy Roman Empire fell into the Holy Catholic Church and religion was invented. Just as Rome had thrown his dark cloak of oppression upon the world, so too had religion developed a similar film of cohesion. Beginning with common ritual then extending into food, wine, women, a film of familiarity unfolded, allowing easy travel before reabsorption back into the fold.

Religion is like a bubble; religious people are able to travel through the populous, often times separated by their form of dress or head-coverings and unwillingness to eat the food of others until arriving at their destination where they are reabsorbed. However, God told the Jewish People, and executed that wish through Rome, to go into the exile and live among the nations––God did not say, Go into exile and live in a bubble. The purpose of the exile is to bring the light of the Torah into the world. The bubble of religion is an impediment.

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