The Rebel in Rome

The way Rome maintains control over the globe is by establishing st

andards for all aspects of life; jobs are categorized according to the needs of society––those incapable of adding to society becomes wards of the state, giving the government the right to tax the people for the governmental expense of caring for human beings unable to perform. Life becomes a constant battle trying to be relevant to the system. All freedoms are curtailed under this corrupt system. This mechanized means of motivating society is akin to those who built the Tower of Babel, which required enslaving the human mind.

If a man fell from the Tower of Babel, no body stopped their work but if a stone fell, everyone stopped and mourned. Each person is uniquely fitted to perform their job in the world; by occupying the mind and subjecting the body, freedom is obliterated––the meaning of life becomes tied to the system. At death, people are often venerated for their work in the system, as their purpose; once the purpose of life is eradicated, life has no meaning––then the populous becomes easier to manipulate. Only the light of what is truly real can free the rebel.

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