The One

The Jewish People refer to God as Echud/One––the reason being, One does not exist in creation; similarly, God is neither physical nor spiritual. However, there is another aspect of One, as taught by the ancients, revealing a specific symmetry of the creation. The three letters making up the word Echud/One is also transmuted into the three numbers: one, eight and four. The number one refers to the Creator; the number eight refers to the Seven Heavens and the Earth; the four refers to the four directions upon the earth––as if to say, God is everywhere.

The Seven Heavens are depicted in the seven outer planets from Earth to Pluto comprising a celestial body of 248 limbs and 365 connectors equaling 613 (the amount of Commandments given to the Jewish People) comparable to our physical bodies. The Earth goes around the Sun every 365 days while Pluto’s revolution is every 248 years. Pluto represents the mouth; the mouth has five components: throat, pallet, tongue, teeth, lips; Pluto has five moons in elliptical orbits like a tongue thrust out into the universe articulating the human condition. The Moon perfectly covers the orb of the Sun.

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