The Future is Almost Here

The problem with the future is, the future never seems to arrive; we only seem to recognize the future after the future has passed––back to the future. But, the future directly ahead is undeniable beginning with the Hebrew year turning 5,777 in the fall. Three sevens make 21; the God’s futuristic Name is Eheya with a gematria of 21. In the late fall, After an election between the socialist and the capitalist, Bernie Sanders will be elected the first Jewish president of the United States. The Supreme court will finally turn away from conservatism and back to the people.

God’s Four Letter Name Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey can be transposed to form three words: Hoiya/Past; Hoveh/Present and Eheya/Future. By the year six thousand, there will only be Eheya––the future. Some people look to the stars for direction and information concerning the future; some try to extrapolate from the present––most people don’t even think about the future. The Hebrew calendar is segmented in a series of thousand year periods, each with a particular flavor and meaning. The last of these thousand years periods, our time, is called Yesod/Foundation referring to the time of Secret.

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