Why We Circumsizse

Four thousand years ago, Avraham, commanded by God, performed the first circumcisions on all the males of his household; his two sons, Ismael and Yitzchok, the progenitors of the Arab and Jewish Peoples, scrupulously keep this commandment. The meaning of the circumcision is simple. There are two essences in life: Will and Pleasure; the external expression of will is seen in what we want––the impetus to will comes from the inner desire for pleasure. Circumcision exposes the inner essence transposing the entirety into will. Both the male and female feel less pleasure during sex as a result of the circumcision.

The circumcision is a sign: the Jewish and the Arab Peoples direct their devotion to the Creator before attending to pleasure’s needs. The first man was created circumcised, according to the ancient writings; driven by his longing for pleasure, he ate from the forbidden fruit––through his actions, the foreskin developed as a result. Man was made by God to serve the Will of the Creator; woman, bastion of pleasure receives the will of man––together, the circle of the woman and the line of the man create a spiral. All life spirals, from the DNA to the galaxies.

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