Guilty As Charged

An ancient prediction recorded in the Talmud says, Moshiach will come when the Jewish People are either completely guilty or completely innocent. After the Jewish People were exiled two thousand years ago, the rabbis were left in charge to perpetuate customs, enact stringencies necessary for life amongst the nations and pronounce judgement both individually and collectively. The rabbis encouraged religion; with religion came laws concerning the performance of the 613 Commandments given to the Jewish People––out of the laws came judgement. Through the layering of the law, the possibilities of being able to actually keep the law according the rabbis became impossible.

Since the Jewish People cannot uphold the law according to the rabbis, therefore the Jewish People are condemned by the rabbis as guilty. However, The rabbis could have just as easily, if they had wanted, make all the Jewish People innocent before God by setting as lesser standard that all could abide by. Impartial and wise judgement frees a person from doubt. If a person is innocent, then good and if the person is guilty, then restoration is appropriate but doubt has vanished. The rabbis have used the Law as a wipe against the people, corralling them into religion.

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