Waiting at the Entrance

Four thousand years ago, Avraham waits at the entrance of his tent after being circumcised; five hundred years later, the Jewish People put blood on the lintels of their doors then wait inside their homes for the first born to be struck––later Moshe meets God at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. What is it about the entrance? The place of meeting in the human body is the mouth. Through the mouth we enter into the world by means of our speech, plus we take the world in through means of our mouths by eating, drinking and breathing.

The deepest meeting is in the kiss; the kiss links breaths, conveying the intentions of the heart––the mouth is the entrance and the exit of the spirit. At the rim of our solar system, the planet Pluto sports five moons representing the five parts of speech: throat, pallet, tongue, teeth and lips. Kissing is instinctual. Between Creator and creation, the mouth acts as a doorway connecting the two. God is not of creation and creation cannot fathom the Creator but through the vehicle of the mouth, kissing our prayers skyward, the two connect. Woman is the mouth of creation.

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