Nothing Out of Something

The Big Bang Theory, presuposing the universe suddenly emerged out of empty space, has tainted humanities view of life. Jewish tradition is contrary to common thought; the Torah, the teachings of the Jewish People, describes the opposite––nothing coming out of something. Before there was nothing, time and space did not exist; only the endless illumination of the Creator existed before creation––the engraving of space into the endless illumination was also the beginning of time. The universe, physical and spiritual, exists in a bubble within the endless light of the Creator. Space for creation was engraved; the stars are shards.

The benefits of this opposite perception of creation are enormous because the subtle influences of feeling abandoned in a universe void of compassion or purpose are immense. Through science, the human flaw of fear is being exploited; from the Big Bang to descending from the apes, children are taught lies of the most pernicious kind––the truth is, we are surrounded by light everywhere, all the time to everyone because God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, is everywhere, all the time, to everyone. The stars are fragmentations of the original Oneness embedded in the light through a web of celestial symmetry.

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