The Nature of Nature

In the Hebrew language the generic name of the Creator is Elohim, which can be translated as: God of Plurality. Also, the gematria of Elohim is 86, the same gematria as the word HaTeva/The Nature. Because of the ubiquitous nature of nature, all things reflect a similar expression; insects appear to dance, dolphins seem to speak, apes mock thinking––the examples are endless. We are born into nature and depart through nature. We call nature Mother. Scientists look for abnormalities in nature but only find a deeper symmetry operating in a unique manner. Atoms are a prime example.

A name is not a person but the name is indicative of the person; similarly, the Name of God is not God but Name is indicative of the Creator and how creation was created. The Name Elohim begins with the Name El/Kindness and end with Yom/Ocean; in the middle of the Name Elohim is Ela/These––fodder for the Cabalists. The intricate supple depths of the Name Elohim is reflected in the vast array of nature in infinite breeds of animals from insects to mammals are stamped with the same signet of the Creator––God is One.

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