The Source of Severity

Kindness is exemplified by severity; the fire to give, makes the giving profound––severity is also needed to hold back kindness by building a reservoir through the stones of severity, preparing the water to gush forth when called upon. Kindness without the power of the heart is not real kindness, but rather a kindness obligated by the mind, a reason to be kind. When the reason is gone so is the kindness gone; kindness without a reason never ends because the heart longs to give––yet, the heart is the strongest muscle in the body because holding back produces results.

However, just as severity is the essence of kindness, so too is severity the last and lowest expression of the soul––the dregs left after the goodness is gone. People made from these dredges are severe in every way, taking pleasure when their friend falls, thinking only of themselves. But, God made a world where even the dredges are full of goodness; everything exists because everything is needed in God’s wonderful creation. The nature of creation is not to be created, therefore God needs to create each moment separately least the eternal chain of creation falls back into the abyss.

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