God is Pro Choice

Unfortunately, the abortion scandal has yet to break into the media because people are not ready to hear the truth. What is the truth? Truth is only found in Heaven and the books transmitted from Heaven, the Torah and the Koran, agree that life does not begin at conception. The Koran by description and the Torah by an exact date establishes, Before 41 days after conception the mass of growing cells is not considered to be alive. If a woman would terminate a pregnancy within 40 days, this would not be considered an abortion because God is pro choice.

Though this knowledge is widely known by both Jewish and Islamic clergy, it is kept under wraps least the people should find out and question the authorities. In the meantime, because this knowledge is being usurped and hidden, horrible countless tragedies have occurred. The Torah exclaims, he who subverts the Torah should not have come into this world. Knowledge is compared to fire and fire cannot be stolen. Just like people hide the knowledge of the Earth and claim climate change is not real, so too, the clergy hide the knowledge and disavow the truth. When will God find respect?

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