Mars in Three Days

The planet Mars plays a significant role in the Torah––the teachings of the Jewish People. Mars is the previous world known as Tohu/Chaos and Mars was where the Tower of Babel was built and where the great flood of Noah came from––Mars is also where the Torah was given to the Jewish People 3,500 years ago on the Mountain called Sini/Hatred. There were 976 generations on Mars before their ultimate destruction caused by too much ego. From Mars, the Earth was seeded with plant and animal life. According to the Torah, Mars is three days away.

Interestingly, NAZA now claims technology that can reach Mars in three days. The Jewish People reached Mars by way of the Annana HaKoved/Cloud of Glory; this cloud was said to leave a white streak in the sky because of the rapid speed of movement––the Jewish People lived in this cloud for forty years before returning to the Earth to live in the Promised Land for a thousand years. There is a heavenly apparatus for conveying Earth to Heaven––the cloud; and there is an earthly apparatus made from the hands of man––both find there limit at three days.

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