The Memorial of War

The soldiers are dead but war is still alive. I wish instead those who served their country lived because war had died. I have been in two wars; I have smelled death rampant throughout a city--I have witnessed the bombs and the violence. War sucks. There is a thing in man that wants to compete, like the sperm competes for the egg, but war is a cancer predicated on vengeance and avaris. The leaders escape through the fog of war. while producing death, misery and a lot of money for those invested in human violence--the final prerogative for those in power.

Those who served were proud patriots believing America was the bastion of freedom and a place of refuge for those who could reach our soil. America is unique in the world because we are a nation peopled from throughout the world. America is a small world living in peace, sharing cultural habits and hidden secrets. Together, the peoples of America forged this country out of sweat and determination to be free. But what is freedom? Free to make money? Is that freedom? A memorial is a remembrance; we should remember the dream and not the nightmare.


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