The Name God

The Zohar-Book of Secret in discussing the blessing given to the Tribe Gad, a river coming out of Bashan, explains whenever the letters Gimel and Dalet (the G and D sound) come together, a river is formed. Later elucidation describes the source of each letter from their name: Gimel means to give and Dalet means poor--poverty is the vessel to giving. No one actually knows what the word God means, yet this ubiquitous term seems to have a common communication. God is proclaimed throughout the world in every dire circumstance from sex to death--from damning to blessing God is there.

The river mentioned in the blessing for the Tribe of Gad is the intrinsic connection between the G and the D resulting in a river of affluence flowing from the Creator to creation. Invoking the name God bridges the expanse between the finite and limitless. God is not physical nor spiritual, therefore God can be all places at all time to everyone. All life energy flowing from Heaven to Earth is sourced from the Creator who we call God. One of the Seven Commandments given to all people upon the Earth is not to use God’s Name in vain.

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