The Fraud Versus the Felon

As for as mudslingers go, Trump against Clinton are presidential; with one hand they throw the mud and with the other hand they wipe the mud away from their face. Who will cover the other with mud will determine the next President of the United States according to the current political playbook. What is the difference between the fraud and the felon? The fraud is likened to the pick-pocket while the felon is generally a strong arm. Torah Law treats the pick-pocket more severely than the bandit with the gun because beyond the crime is an additional atrocity--lying and deceiving.

Politics is a dirty place where criminals hide behind desks, people with clean shirts but dirty underwear unable to speak truth--where arrogance rules and bullies excel. This Roman paradigm of government is outdated.The time has come for radical change through a shift in consciousness throughout all stratas of life. Politics is the lowest level of life. A spiritual revolution is also required. This is the turning point from where all things can change and a new era can come to the world. All of this was prophesied thousands of years ago while the Hebrew calendar is turning 5,777.


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