Violence and Peace

How is it, a famous boxing figure is also an ambassador of peace? These diametrically different disciplines are in fact, the bond that makes greatness. This primordial urge to be the greatness is played out in each male through the production of sperm; the combative competition is a battle of strength and tenacity--the greatest sperm makes it to the egg of the woman. The greatest man becomes a living example to all men everywhere. Not only was Muhammad Ali great but he was also beautiful, as he often reminded us--that he was beautiful, somehow made us all beautiful.

The Talmud-Book of Law says, restraint is the source of strength. The muscle contracts when strength is required. It took strength not to go to the Vietnam War and it took strength to stand with his people, and with all people. Muhammad Ali was an icon of strength, a kind lion who could dance like a butterfly and sting like bee. Strength and beauty are components of truth housed in the heart. The people of the Torah and the people of the Koran represent the head and the heart of the two peoples who are the direct descendents from Arvraham four thousand years ago.


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