The Three Stages of Life

There three stages to life: growing, going and gone because there are three parts to the soul invested in the body. The three parts of the soul, Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama, are introduced into the body during the first twenty years of life. Nefesh indicates movement and during the first six years of life the child learns how to conduct the body; from 6-13 the child is mostly emotions because the Ruach/Spirit has enveloped the being--during the teenage years, the Neshama/Breathing is conveyed to the body and the ego takes hold. The heavens do not judge the person until they turn twenty.

From infancy to maturity, the first stage of life is completed and the person is now equipped with the faculties to enter into the world and be judged daily by man and God. The Six Days of Creation correspond to the six outer planets plus the Earth is seven, the seven days of the week times ten for the ten attributes of the Tree of Life equals seventy; the ancients taught: at seventy, old begins--one is old until they die. These three stages of life are considered a full life; one can say they have lived--but what is life if not more than living?

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