Like a Virgin

She wore white to announce she had won; like a virgin--the first of her sex to ascend to this title. The Torah describes a virgin as a sealed bottle. In the time of the Temple in Jerusalem, the oil burnt in the candelabra had to come from the first drop of the olive. This special oil was sealed by the Cohen Gadol, the most trusted person in the nation. The first kiss, the first kill, the first time an event happens is markedly different from all other times--the first sex after marriage, but only women lose their virginity.

A virgin event is not a climax. Virginity is not considered a virtue but rather a state of being; a woman is meant to be a vessel--the first one to open that vessel is remembered. Richard Nixon is remembered as a person with a white shirt but dirty underwear. Using the same analogy, the Clintons wear white but pass along venereal disease. Women didn’t break through the glass ceiling they were thrown through it. In the Sixties, the media asked the famous elder anthropologist, Margaret Mead, if the feminist movement would help women? She answered, Not if they act like men.

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