Theory Vs Perspective

Theories presuppose facts pertaining truth. But, facts do not mean anything; like snapshots do not convey the meaning of life. A theory that explains all aspects of a phenomenon is true; however, if even one percent is unaccountable, the theory is just a theory--part of the never ending stream of bullshit meant to direct the populous like sheep, all staring in the same direction. Perspective is different from theory; perspective assumes a wide-range of views each being correct but incomplete. If all perspectives are merged together, then peace, truth and beauty are achieved. Seeing the right way, is the safe path.

This world is a dark, vacuous place where reality is made out of shadows hiding behind the hard destiny of fact--the veneer to truth. In this chaotic darkness of infinite possibilities, the truth is only one of many. God becomes everything, when in truth, God is nothing. With the proper perspective, truth can be first intuited, then known and afterwards felt in the heart; actions are evoked through the chemistry of the mind and the heart--finally, words are spoken. A man’s word is all he has. Humility speaks in the personal, unique voice of the individual looking out into the cosmos with wonder.

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