The Meaning of the Eclipse (2017)

Everyone's talking about the eclipse, but no one is talking about what it means. First, understand that time is not linear—time is a spiral. In this video, I speak with my friend Aurora about the meaning of the upcoming total solar eclipse in August, 2017.

The only bad question is the one not asked. Questions precipitate knowledge, so I prefer being asked questions rather than just stating what is true. There is a well known aphorism, Much have I learned from the my teachers, but more have I learned from the students. The difference between the teacher and the student is compared to the direct light of the sun and the reflective light of the moon. The moon reflects back what the sun is illuminating. Similarly, the student reflects back what the teacher is saying through the questions asked, thus extending the teaching into places the teacher has not visited because he never had the question.

There are many questions scientists will ask and try to answer on this day, but there is a bigger question—a more profound question—which must be asked: what is the meaning of the only planet in the universe that supports life and sports a precise total eclipse of the sun?

This question is the main question to ask. The scientists should ask this question instead of assuming there was a big bang and all of this just happened. What a coincidence—the only planet in the universe sporting life also sports a perfect total eclipse of the sun. How amazing.

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