The End of 777

The year 5777 was predicted a thousand years ago by Yehudi HaChasid to be a transitional year leading to the Thousand Years of Woman and indeed, the prediction has come true; life has radically changed along with a cornucopia of cosmic events—unprecedented amount of solar flares coinciding with record hurricanes swirling towards the country who witnessed the solar eclipse of 2017 cut through the Bible Belt of America. There was also the inauguration of Donald Trump on the day he was seventy years, seven months and seven days; a man who when he speaks puts his thumb to his forefinger making the sign of Shadai/Enough.

However, at the bottom the metaphor is reality where these natural super-storms are no comparison to the cruelty our specie is visiting up our brothers and sisters and even our progeny. It feels like a world-wide holocaust happening at different stages and places throughout the globe while the people, watch on TV are being made out to be weak and insignificant. Famous scientists are predicting the world to be uninhabitable in a hundred years; while NASA is desperately searching for aliens—to prove life just happens. The over-population of rich people who own too much and care too little has become a social disease.

But, this is only what is shown and what we are taught. Having been out at many festivals during the summer, there is a notable change in attitude towards the optimistic awakening of a new human consciousness. The buffoons making the news are merely props in a much greater story; the six thousand year story, of which the human being has transited 5777 years, is beginning to conclude and merge into the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace. The Earth has been in travail for the last hundred years of war and suffering but now the birth is at hand and nothing can stop this new era from happening.

The lies from government, religion and science has produced a populous longing for truth. But truth is not a thing, truth is a path to be followed and if one follows a path of truth, then the Creator will always be there walking beside you to comfort and direct. The end of the dark night begins with rays of optimism. The basis for this optimism is a recognition that this is the lowest of all generations; the humility arising from this assessment is what opens the mind to see the truth. Those who think, because we move so fast we are the highest of all generations, are wrong.

All of our technology is symptomatic of a weak people unable to live within the confines of nature. The littlest gear of the clock moves very quickly but in actuality does very little. All is bluster. However, we are speeding towards something much greater than ourselves; time is running out and our little gear, moving so fast yet doing so little, is about to bring time to a standstill.

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