On the Road, Again

My friends from the Applegate who had forgotten me on Yom Kippur remembered me for Succot. They came to my little succah and convinced me to come to their land for the last days of Succot and the final day of celebration called Simchot Torah/Happiness with the Law followed by the Shabbat—after that I was ready to sever my connections with Ashland and hit the road. I have outfitted my ’86 Volvo station wagon with a chest containing books and other items of spiritual meaning plus a somewhat bigger chest for my clothes and finally a small suitcase containing personals. All of this fits onto one side of the interior allowing me to make a bed on the other side to sleep. The front passenger seat holds various satchels for food and other supplies.

I am rather proud of myself, having fit my entire life into my car in an orderly fashion with room to spare. For the first time in decades I feel truly free. I drove to the coast of California and parked amid the redwoods for my first night on the road. I am happy to live a simple life. I am hoping because of the destruction and displacement happening in Norther California, that the cops will be easier on people living in their cars. Generally, in times of disaster, law becomes sweetened with compassion. The past three weeks during which this new year 5778 was conceived, the Jewish People beg God to sweeten the judgement required for new beginnings. I am leaving one reality while entering into another.

In the morning I awoke in forest watching the dawn arrive through the lattice of black pillars slowing turning rust color, mammoth trunks spiraling into the heavens leaving a carpet of red where the only plant able to live are the green ferns looking like pubic hairs against the red skin of a phallic forest. For me freedom, is owning everything I have. I owe no one anything and everything I own including my car belong to me. Every minute of life is a journey of constantly changing environment, new people and unique experiences, which like the river of life just keeps on running forth reaching for the sea. Instead of spending my money on rent and utilities, I spend my money on keeping my car is top order and feeding myself good food.

But, in the end I made a mistake and followed my bliss instead of focusing on the task at hand. Pity. I arrived in San Jose late at night, brakes gone bad and not enough money to repair. The beauty of being on the road is that things happen and you have to deal with the reality. Being situated in a good situation does not try the soul. I have determined to try harder and not be feeling myself so much. The serpent who conspired against the first couple, Adom and Chava, inducing them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad caused them the affliction of feeling personal pleasure from the involvement with life.

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