The Comedy Club

This week I performed in LA for the first time; I did my comedy routine at the open mic at the HaHa Club, which went over pretty well. However, the only people there were a scattering of aspiring comedians. Afterwards, I spoke to the one who hosted the show. He encouraged me to continue my work in comedy. Everyone liked my looks and my presentation. There are lots of opportunities to perform in NoHo (North Hollywood) but I am still getting myself settled. I have moved into Walmart in Burbank, I mean into the parking lot. I could sleep on the streets but I do not sleep well knowing or assuming I must be doing something against the law.

Walmart invites whoever is living in their cars to crash in their parking lot. It is nice to be some where you are invited. I have a morning routine that lands me in one of the many canyons around and in LA due to the outcropping of hills and mountains in this desert land marked by non-indigenous species of plants and trees. The air is warm and the ocean is near. People are very friendly and even the driving is not as crazy as I remember. I am planning to do the next Shabot in the mountains away from everything. I remarked recently to someone, I really enjoy taking everything I own everywhere I go.

Because of my constant visibility, the Shabot is a welcome respite from the constant movement around LA. The ability to buy pre-prepared kosher food is a luxury for someone like me whose only way of keeping kosher has been to be vegetarian. What a difference a chicken can make in one’s attitude. I am particularly tired today because I went to a party and eat things that do not agree with me. During these difficult times is when I wish I had somewhere private, but weaknesses do to life style helps me to take better care of myself knowing the inevitable repercussions. I have made friends with some young people which requires somewhat of a sacrifice on my part.

I learned today from my Rebbe, Tzadoc HaCohen, that there are two types of light coming from heaven called: a candle with a light and a candle without light. The difference is, the prophet receives the message without the struggle, whereas a scholar receives light through the struggle of learning Torah. The struggling produces the light whereas the prophet only receives the message. The commandment of learning Torah is fulfilled by the struggle not by how much one learns or knows. Because my life is so unstable, every day, life is a beautiful struggle. I would like to perform tonight but I am just to tired. I hope to do better next week.


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