A New Project

I was born in Los Angeles but left at the tender age of three to be raised up in San Francisco; now I have returned seventy years later at the age of 73. The Torah says, life is seventy years, after that we are old; being old is an intermediary state between life and death—Earth and Heaven. There is a freedom of being old, much akin to being a child. For me, this is a time to bring my life-long work to fruition. I have ten unpublished books waiting for attention along with a course I have making for Udemy called Sex with Dovid.

I will be shooting video next week for the course with someone I met, who invited me to visit him at his studio downtown. The plan was to take the Metro train, but the train encountered a problem just before the final stop. We were instructed to leave the train and wait for another train, but the next train, which we entered, was going the wrong direction, so we left and went back to the other train awaiting empty. For a third time we were instructed through the fractured sounds coming from the intercom, that there was a fire.

People began panicking, running for the stair and escalator. Some were covering their mouths from noxious gas. Now, it may age, but I am finished running for my life, I walked. When I got to the top there was an old woman stuck at the end of the escalator with people shoving and shouting. I tried to help her but with little success finally some others came, younger and stronger, so I left. I was late for my appointment, so I got an Uber and arrived not too late but as the driver drove away, I realized I have left my phone in his car.

The door of the address was open so I walked in and up the steep stairs leading to a large area. I called out for my friend, his name was Daniel. Someone rushed over to me and said, Daniel had been gone for hours. I argued, I had just spoken to Daniel and he was waiting for me. Over his shoulder I could see a number of naked men. I had just interrupted a porn shoot. The director accompanied me back outside and we finally established that I was looking for a different Daniel then the one who ran the porn movies. There was another Daniel, who was a bit eccentric. Yes, that sounded right.

I thanked him, I think he name was Mikie, and then a few minutes later he was back at the door with my phone in his hand. He had been downstairs on the sidewalk when he saw the Uber driver, who had come back to return my phone, looking up and down the street somewhat bewildered. He went over, retrieved the phone and brought it to me. What a strange set of events. In the end, we had a good meeting and decided to start filming this week. It feels good to be involved collaborating with another person on a new project permeated with random acts of chaos orchestrated from the heavens.


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