We did our first shoot for the movie, Sex with Dovid, on Tuesday, the day a major fire ignited in Ventura County not far from where we were planning to shoot. Daniel was excited because shooting through smoke enhances the light, but there was a strong cold wind blowing that kept the smoke and fire away. We arrived before nine in the morning but did not finish shooting until four in the afternoon. We chose different locations and changes of clothes. Daniel and Eliuho, the two videographers, worked seamlessly together and I was proud to be part of the project as they moved me around giving me directions on where and when to speak. The whole experience was pretty cool.

Afterwards, we went to a party in Topanga Canyon, where people were playing music and smoking herb they had recently harvested. I really like smoking herb people grew for the love of the herb; this herb of love is a much higher herb than that grown for money. The female part of the plant is what gets us high not the male; the males are rooted out as soon as they show themselves, by growing little balls looking like testicles. Women get you higher if you love them instead of treating them like a prostitute. Coming from Southern Oregon where there are massive farms of marijuana, I have not been impressed with the character of the people involved in that trade. The exception is doing it out of love.

While madmen are trying to blow-up the world, society is going through this major shift; man is being forced to become more sensitive to woman and show respect. This powerful movement far beyond feminism will flood the world with kindness and turn the tide from war to peace. Men are here in all aspects to serve woman; this is our purpose because—when woman are happy, then men are happy. The systematic progress towards destruction cannot succeed since the kindness of humanity is greater than the greed for money. This is the year for revolution; everything is primed for this to happen—we have the apparatus to bring them to their knees and force them to capitulate.

A new society will emerge with an emphasis on protecting women so they can be free to be beautiful. The Torah writes that five thousand years ago, entities from Heaven came down to the Earth because the women are beautiful. They did not come because of our resources or to enslave anyone, they came for our women. The sexual revolution, which began in the Sixties, allowed woman to come out from beneath the shroud of repression and wear mini-skirts. This event shocked the nation awake and soon there was a cultural revolution spreading throughout the world. Our time is no different.

Now, once again under the treat of nuclear war, another gentle revolution is taking place, sweeping across the country like the wild fires, destroying careers for betraying the trust of the people in the institution of government from the very top. In a real revolution, every day gets better because everyday we are get closer to being truly free.

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