Time for Revolution

Tanya, a tall black woman I met at Wake and Bake in North Hollywood, turned me onto an organization called Veterans in the Media and Entertainment. This organization helps veterans (I am a Vietnam veteran) get connected in Hollywood. They put on screenings and other events. In collaboration with Grindstone Movies, the VME sponsors screenwriters to apply once a year to have their projects pitched before executives. The deadline was yesterday and I got my proposal in the day before. I will find out on in a week, if I made the cut. This is a very exciting opportunity because generally one has to be agented to make a proposal. I am happily busy writing my story into script.

I find it particularly interesting, having spent a lifetime integrating numbers and words, that the stock market’s fall began on last Friday with a 666 point decline on Trump who was inaugurated the day he turned seventy years, seven months and seven days in the Hebrew year 5,777. These two numbers, the 666 and the 777 are essential to understanding where the world stands, since there are only 222 years left until the end of the Six Thousand Years of Man, entering into the long awaited Thousand Years of Woman. Maybe people are beginning to rebel against these companies raping America and Americans with their perpetual wars around the world to protect their interests and make more money for the war mongers.

Like everything else they teach us, these two numbers 666 and 777 have been altered completely. The 666 is a number of life, added together makes 18, which translates into the world Chia/Life; the 777 adds up to 21 the number associated with God’s Futuristic Name and is directly connected to the Angel of Death. But, why should we be surprised, when everyone in this world makes a buck from lying—about reality, about truth, about sex. As Bob says, All the truths in this world amount to one big lie. In these 222 years left, and it is interesting to note, America has been a country for 240 years and we have been engaged in war for 222 years. Certainly we have come to a turning point.

Revolution need not be violent or even disruptive since we are the people. Through technology, we can have a direct democracy and stop having these asshole politicians standing between the people and the government. This is the right time for the People to apply their communal foot up the ass of the president to make him do our will and not his will. This is a climatic time in American history and in world history. The prophets assured us thousands of years ago, The end of times (the end of the calendar) change will happen in the blink of an eye. The prophets also tell us, in the end there will be no teachers because the light will be equally available to all.

Maybe giving one and half trillion to rich people was the brick of gold breaking the back of the people.


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