Time for Revolution

This week I began a revolution by publishing a web site KryptoRevolution.com outlining how to assert to will of the people up the ass of the president in a non-violent manner. The government is suppose to do the will of the people yet even when that will stands at 80% the government takes no action. Obviously, our government is not working how the Founding Fathers envisioned. Thomas Jefferson admonished the governors from taking harsh action against the people because our nation is based on revolution and the capacity to make revolution must be maintained. Two hundred and forty years has passed without a second revolution.

The second Amendment to the Constitution came about because revolution was accomplished through guns. A non-violent revolution would require guns to be reduced down to a privilege, like driving a car; both car and gun can kill but also protect. Just like cars and trucks have regulation governing their operation and limits, so too guns, in this new paradigm, will have regulations and limits. The violence of the initial revolution 240 years ago has resulted in 222 years of war. America the Beautiful can do much more than just make war. But more than removing guns, the War Machine must be dismantled, which happens when our service men are brought home.

For seventy years, since the end of World War Two, America and the Manifest Destiny of our religious country, has made war around the world for one absurd reason after another. Divide and Conquer has been our motto; dividing of Korea led to nuclear Korea—dividing Vietnam led to the Vietnam War. America has followed her interests and devastated the world. We fought the Nazis but caught their disease. America is culpable. Recently, even the President of Iran and the Taliban called out America for being war mongers and appealed the the American People for sanity. A peaceful revolution in America would be a positive sign to the world.

Revolution can happen without disturbing the infrastructure of society because in our time no one has to do anything to have a revolution. Our power is in our numbers and our numbers speak for themselves. Our government is weak, indecisive and unresponsive to the will of the people. KryptoRevolution follows the template of Crypto Currency, which cuts out the middleman, the banker, through the apparatus of direct exchange. Krypto Revolution achieves direct democracy. Each person is unique and has a unique purpose. America is the place to pursue one’s purpose. People are like atoms, where each atom has virtually no gravity but put together their weight is immense. Technology needs to serve the people not the other way around.

America is a little world made from nations throughout the globe. In Hebrew the word America can be broken down into two words: Am/People; Rika/Empty—an Empty People. The Talmud says, To be empty in reality is to be strong in potentiality. Americans have a responsibility to the entire world to makes things right. The terror and sorrow we witnessed in our own schools is magnified into a daily nightmare in those countries where we have invaded to make peace. Shame on us.

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