A Shitty Situation

Every time I hear the president speak, I say to myself, This man is a real asshole. When you have to deal with a really shitty situation, that’s when you need the asshole. For example, a man who lets his people starve so he can build an atomic bomb is a asshole and seemingly the only way to stop him is to bring an even bigger asshole who is willing to start another war killing hundred of thousands, if not more. It was not the bigger button that won the war but the bigger asshole. The asshole is very vocal in his determination to get rid of the shit.

The Talmud-Book of Law asserts, A person is a little world; therefore the same is true, the world is a large person—the arctic is the skull, Scandinavia, the lobes of the brain; Europe, Russia, Asia the torso; the Mediterranean the sex of Mother Earth, Australia and New Zealand the ovaries; Africa and South America the legs, Antartica the soles of the feet, England and Japan the hands, Canada the back and America the ass replete the great divide of Mississippi River emptying through New Orleans the anus of America. Anyone who had ever been in the French Quarter in four in the morning will smell every oder known. Nonetheless, even though New Orleans is the anus, our asshole is certainly in Washington D.C.

You know things are bad when the asshole rules the body instead of the other way around. This asshole will be remembered as a passing fart. In opposition to our present situation, this week the Jewish People celebrate the passing of Rebbe Shimon ben Yichoi author of the most mystical of Jewish books written two thousand years ago called: Zohar/Brilliance. This book because of the illumination took a thousand years to come to the Earth and even then was recognized for the brilliance but was unable to be understood until a few hundred years late when the Ari came to Northern Israel and taught the Cabala for three years before passing away in his thirties.

The Cabala is the key to the Zohar and Rebbe Shimon’s passing has been commemorated for these last two thousand years on the day known as Lag B’Omer/33rd Day of the Omer/Wheat Offering. The custom is, to spend the night looking into fire and in general, just have a party. The be remembered on the Earth for two thousand years is an accomplishment. Rebbe Shimon left us more than just stories but an entire book full of knowledge and revelations as to the workings of creation. In the Zohar, written two thousand years ago, describes the outer six planets of our solar system—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all only discovered over the last few hundred years.

Shameful is the human condition, where moral pollution requires an asshole; be careful in glorifying the asshole, he was just there when we needed him but nothing has changed, he is still an asshole. Having an ass as the world’s only super power is a problem.

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