A House to Live

I find myself living in a little house on Mount Washington in North Los Angeles. Mount Washington was the first suburb of the nascent LA overlooking the city. I actually have no view but I do have this wonderful Jasmin filled private front yard. How I came to be here its truly a miracle from God and though I have been able to stay here for four months, next month I am hoping to become a regular renter, which means I have to come up with a lot of money. I have always stayed away from money, it made me feel strange.

Daniel my landlord wants me to stay and together we have a plan. I have devised a workshop I can do in my little house concerning the Tarot and the Tree of Life with a maximum of ten people per workshop based on my book Kabbalistic Tarot. I have the workshop registered with AirBnB and on Course Horse and was surprised I had no signups. I tend to have unrealistic expectations of how fast the world actually works. I am use to the reality in my mind where things happen instantaneously. So, Daniel has introduced me to Instagram, which I had loaded but never used.

I find the technological world intimidating because the thinking required to understand these systems is different from the kind of thinking I actually think. If the price of participation requires me to change such an essential part of my being, then I resist. For all the good of technology, there has been a marked decrease in our sensitivities and a rise in loneliness. I prefer real interaction with long interludes of silent independence. So, when it comes to instagram my brain wont budge. Because Daniel is young 26, he resonates with the implements of his time—the internet and all the branches produced by this mechanized tree with roots and limbs going everywhere, #timeless26645.

Also, I am excited about the new Mars lander, which just left the Earth on a six month journey to our neighbor, the red planet, is going to measure the interior of the planet Mars. In my book written in 1998 and registered at the Library of Congress where I predict, astronomers would discover five moons around Pluto, which they recently did, I also inform the reader, Mars’ interior is made of water surrounding a block of ice in the center. For this reason, Mars does not have a magnetic field around the planet holding the atmosphere to the orb, as does the Earth due to a molten lead in the center of our planet acting as a magnet.

I don’t know what it takes to get recognized in this world. The type of knowledge I possess from my years of studying the mysteries of creation though ancient Jewish mystical texts, is very much needed in a world fixated on the Big Bang and Evolution from monkey to man thereby opening the window to the possibility of aliens and other spontaneous beings produced from the constant hammering of elements together. These ideas are completely absurd and I can prove it but for now, my voice has been silenced. Having a secure house to live in after years of being on the road makes me feel perhaps I am closer than I think to completing my task.

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