Partying with the Tarot

Life has been happening fast. I have to leave my nice little dwelling with a jasmine garden by the first of the month, a notice that life continues to change. I have been busy reading Tarot, which is what I want. I did an event at the love/peace yoga center amid bombastic music while I sat in a tiny room vibrating with base, speaking with effort to convey the meaning of the Tarot. I guess I read around ten people and left at one in the morning. It was like being back in the clubs in NYC where I first began to read Tarot thirty years ago amid the pulsing music, flashing lights and even people having public sex; that is where I first honed my craft.

Last night I did a party in Calabasas about an hour north of LA. It was a celebration for their son’s graduation from college in this gated community of large lots and plush homes. I came early and found a place to smoke a joint then say my prayers beneath a spreading oak before going on to the party purposely early so I could find a good place to set up. Tables were spread out along the lawn separated by a pool and hot-tub; just beyond a little terrace with a fireplace is where I set up my little table and a couple of chairs.

I was very popular throughout the night, which is what I like, to read one after another for hours and hours. I get exhilarated by the experience of being a conduit between people and their souls. They pick the cards and I translate the message. Everyone has a soul attached to their body and every soul invested in a body wants to get closer to the Creator through the actions of their physical body here on planet Earth replete with freedom of choice. And every body has a story seen through the message conveyed from the soul through the hands into the Tarot cards.

I take the opportunity to teach each person about their soul, asking: Where is the soul? Then I explain how God engraves creation into the Oneness and all the shards coming from the engraving are stars and each soul is hewn from a star attaching to the body through the tiny line of starlight into the right side of the brain. At the end of the party, the host brought me to a small group of intimates where I answered their spiritual questions. I have always considered the Tarot to be a way of gently teaching the truth without have to lecture. They had hired me for four hours but I ended staying six and finally got to sleep around four.

Life is happening fast and I love it. Everyday I feel younger and even taller and my body stretches forth from decades of contraction. I feel blessed to be in Los Angeles, the City of Angels where miracles are frequently occurring. We will see what unfold over this next week.

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