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I was reading someone’s cards the other night at an event, when this young and flamboyant woman suddenly came out of herself and asked me, “I have all these words running around in my mind that drive me crazy?”

I thought I could help her, so I told a story that happened in my life when I was around her age. “When I was a hitch-hiker back in the sixties, I remember a time walking down the road with my head full of voices, characters, animation all dancing in the light show of my mind. Then at one point, I realized the voices were not talking to me anymore but had decided just to speak among themselves, as if I did not matter, as if they had taken over my mind from which I had been utterly rejected.” The truth is, I did not overcome this invasion of my mind until I began studying the Torah, because the teachings of the Torah are visual.

I learned that focusing on the vision blocked out the voices. I suggested this method to her as a way to calm her mind. She was obviously smart and very feminine, constantly changing her mind or spacing out before returning with the power of an underground wave. I was quickly entranced by her and the experience made the night worthwhile. Reading cards is my way of being social, getting quickly into the meat of the relationship, revealing what is hidden then forging a powerful, though ephemeral-temporal relationship. In the end she said, “Wow, that was a genuine conversation.” I was the jealous scorn of the young men who were watching.

The living situation in LA is difficult, I say that in hope people stop coming here but there is little chance of that happening. Considering the rest of country is experiencing dramatic weather while LA remains pretty static—nice weather throughout the year. LA does suffer from draught but not for the last few years. One of the results of global warming is erratic and severe weather and so far LA has been out of that paradigm. LA has grown up since when I was a young man when LA was just a plastic glitzy city, but in her maturity, Los Angeles had grown to a be a sprawling diverse metropolis with a cultural and artistic standing.

I have not found a place to move to as yet, but this is causing me to look deeper into the resources and the different neighborhoods of the city. I have moved so much in my life, that I still at time wonder, where exactly am I on the Earth. LA could be NY or SF. I feel life speeding up when it should be slowing down; like I am about to burst forth out of ignominy and onto the scene—Yes, of course, I am in LA, the City of Angels where dreams come true. Just focus on the vision and block out the words inflicting doubt. Anything can happen, particularly these days. Part of living in LA is being part of the hustle.

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