A Real Home

Well, I have just finished moving in. Rachel is gone doing something and I am here feeling proud to be in such a nice situation. I sat out on the veranda overlooking the Boulevard a distance away, while the sun dipped down beneath the hills to west filling the sky with red until the stars came out and the temperature plummeted. When I arrived in my 86’ Volvo station wagon filled with all my belongings, Rachel and her friend were there to meet me and immediately began carrying my belongings into my new room with the reprise of, Welcome home. I think I have died and gone to Heaven.

Where I was living previously was dug into a mountainside and was very cut off even from the street. The people who lived in this area of Mount Washington kept to themselves and as a result, though the situation was wonderful, I felt very alone and alienated. Here in my new digs there is the sound of people and music passing by plus the incessant traffic off in the distance. Besides sharing space with a young, vibrant, beautiful and very cool woman, I am in a very trendy part of the Los Angeles, Silver Lake a few miles north-east of LA.

Yet, for a week or so, I have been very nervous; since living in solitude for many years, the challenge to live with a woman and express how I feel is daunting. Man and woman are like head and heart, one is always on and the other continually cycles. I can express ideas and explain concepts but communicating feelings is something different, altogether. Certainly, God has sent me this situation to help me become a better and more full person. Plus, it is a lot fun living around young women. Also, Rachel is a Virgo like me, she is at the end of Virgo and I am in the beginning.

Virgos love cleanliness, so the house is always clean and everything is in the proper place. My room has three windows and a walk-in closet; instead of a bed I prefer to sleep on the rug in a sleeping bag so I can easily convert my room into my office in the morning. By eleven at night, I was exhausted and Rachel had yet to come home, so I went to sleep and slept soundly. In the morning, I showered, studied and prayed like I usually do then realized how much sharper my brain had become. For a long time, a darkness had been visited on my mind and now the darkness has lifted.

Thank God. I feel so blessed and honored to live in the presence of women. All my life I have been overwhelmed by the presence of women and their soft light flowing through them wherever they go. They are like the Shakina, the feminine presence of God, who murmurs to us constantly. The Talmud says, He who finds a woman, finds a good thing.


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