A Sad Day

Rachel, my roommate, and I have begun hosting Revolution Wednesdays where we invite people who might be interested in dramatic peaceful change in America; she works at Net Flicks in production and knows a lot of people in and out of the industry. For me, a person who has always worked in solitude, collaboration is a new and challenging endeavor. Rachel is a producer and knows how to bring people together. I have only been living here for three weeks and I feel so moved in. Life has changed so dramatically in the last few weeks, my brain is spinning. Rachel is away this weekend and I look forward to the Shabbat beginning tonight.

The Ninth of Av, the day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem five hundred years apart, begins Saturday night with a 24 hour fast day from food and water. A couple of years ago I stopped fasting because I felt pulled into the future where there is not fasting on this day because the day has turned into a holiday. But, because the news of how my country and her occupants are being treated by the government, I feel pulled to fast—a day just to be sad. The Second Temple was destroyed two thousand years ago because people hated each other for no reason.

Because of our transgressions, God exiled the Jewish People to live amongst the other nations where we would learn how to love each other for no reason. God’s idea was, if we are a vast minority among the nations, then when we meet another Jew, we will just love him or her automatically—but, things have not quite worked out like that. Instead, the rabbis gathered the people together by enacting laws requiring Jews to live in Jewish communities, looking inward. As a result of this inward look, we took on religion. There is no word for religion in the Hebrew language.

But, I will rejoin them for this fast because there is so much pointless suffering and sadness going on in our beautiful world. There is nothing like our world in all of the universe and life is short; this is a privileged time for our souls to be invested in our bodies upon this physical plane where the human being has lived for 5777, getting close to the end of the six thousand year calendar when we will merge into the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace. If God had a head to scratched, God would scratching away. Why does the human being fight instead of love?

The Zohar/Brilliance, Book of Secret, states, This world was made for love with every thought , speech and action. When we are not loving, we are doing the opposite Will of the Creator who created us. Generally, what stands between the person and love is money—stupid money. America is the richest country in the world and therefore we are also the dumbest. Russia, China and North Korea are next because they would rather have missiles for their money than bread for their people.

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