Rosh HaShana

There are about eight hours until Rosh HaShana/Head of the Year celebrated on the Sixth Day of Creation when the first human being was formed. The holiday is called, Head of the Year, because every action begins in the head; therefore, the holiday has two days in the likeness of the brain, which has two hemispheres. I awoke this morning with a pain in my gut; I ran to bathroom and was amazed how much shit we hold inside—but, the whole experience seemed appropriate since on this day we are expected to separate ourselves from the past by divesting ourselves from our misdeeds.

The Torah compares the Jewish People to worms, but not just any worm but a silk worm who dies in the silk and becomes part with story. Since worms live within the Earth eating the ground, they are considered the lowest of all creatures whose only strength is in the mouth. Similarly, with the Jewish People, a small and sensitive nation whose only strength is in speaking Torah/Teaching. Therefore, on Rosh HaShana is a celebration of the head where speech is first composed before activating the emotions to spit out words. The prayers are long on Rosh HaShana culminating with the sound of the ram’s. horn, the Shofar—the primordial sound of crying.

The new year is 5779 years since the beginning of the human being. The importance of this year is in the culmination of the 365 days will lead to a new decade denoted by the the letter Peh/80. The mouth in Hebrew is called Peh. Speaking is what differentiates the human being from the animal, our ability to articulate thoughts into speech to communicate outside of ourselves. This year is the prelude before the world speaks in the decade to come. After the decade of Peh/80 comes the last decade of Ztadik/90 a word meaning Righteous.

In many ways freedom of speech has been taken from the people by promulgation of large amount of ambient noise, everywhere. But, the people of the world are like blades of grass refusing to be paved over, breaking through the concrete, each generation stronger than the one previous. Now is our time to come together, not over religion or government or even humanism but over our unity—we are the human being on planet Earth, each one equally unique and beautiful, though some do need to be cleaned up a bit. There are four New Years in the four seasons celebrating the four elements. Rosh HaShana is the element of earth.

This is the time to ask blessings from the Creator for the whole world. The most important blessing is life but no blessing is complete without peace. During these ten days between Rosh HaShana and Yom HaKipur, are considered the Ten Rungs of Royalty; therefore, during this time, instead for saying HaEl HaKodesh/Supreme Kindness, we say HaMalech HaKodesh/Supreme King. Now is the time of judgement when all the blessing of the year are packed into two days to be later distributed throughout the year. The generic greeting during this time is to say, HaShana Tova and Matok/A Good and Sweet Year.

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