Woman and Peace

The six thousand year Hebrew calendar, which has just turned 5779, has only 221 years until the beginning of the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace. This galactic transition between male and female began, in my estimation, in 1970 when the Hebrew calendar turned 5730, the half life of carbon 14. In the fifty years since then, a steady tide woman influence has taken hold throughout America and the world. But, also during this time, since the killing of JFK, a coupe has taken over the country dedicated to money, power and war. America is the epicenter of an ever-quickening progress without a purpose.

LA has that frantic type of energy, very creative and volatile being harnessed into a money making machine. The Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace are also called the time of Destruction. How can destruction and peace coincide seems obvious. When there is clarity as to the true nature of creation along with the influence from the Creator, then everything productive towards this end will be refined and all else will be destroyed without disagreement. The lack of clarity is what has enabled the manipulators to manipulate the populous. Having been born in 1944, I have been witness to the world from 1950.

The revolution happening in the world is an undercurrent coming closer to the surface day by day. During these last years of the thousand years considered of the Thousand Years of Secret, all the secrets are coming to the fore. For many years, those of us of the underground felt we were being watched by the authorities but now times have change; we the people are watching the authorities—all secrets are being divulged. Even the president can’t keep his mouth shut and is continually exposing secrets about himself and the world he thinks he rules. He is truly a king without clothing who is about to be caught with his pants down.

The spectacle of Rome is concluding; the ineptness of their wars and the pointless purpose of their endeavors is really very shallow—revolution of human kindness, like the growing grass eating up the cement, is beginning to bloom. The ancients referred to this time as Birth Pangs. The more difficult part of the birth is really over; the narrowness of thought and behavior is over—now is time to push the baby out. Nothing can stop birth. What is happening in the world has been gestating for thousands of years; these are the long awaited End of Days, end of the calendar of birth—six thousand years.

Look beyond the politics and the lies about creation and the nature of reality. See what is true, that is the real revolution. Truth is not an opinion. Truth is undeniable—such a thing exists. At the end of pregnancy, there is no longer room to grow. Pollution and frustration run wildly through the streets of illusion pursuing money and power while the Creator waits for the human being to realize: the Creator, who is beyond all religion and is unfettered by time and space, is here for everyone all the time, just waiting to have a relationship.


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