Joshua Tree

His name is Rick; he had this big blue bus and he invited me within to share some of the sacred herb. Turns out, I had more in common with him then the common curiosity—we were both living on the road, but he is living in style. In his words, I was going stealth in my ’86 Volvo station wagon. Turns out we were both in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He is a few years younger than I am, and we are both news junkies and both of us are Jewish. But I guess that is where the similarities end because he does not practice Jewish ways and I do. What is interesting to me was his openness about being blessed in his life whereas my blessings have been less revealed, but so have my illnesses. Sickness unseen by other people is a blessing.

Why some people prosper while others are poor is a constant question; some of the answer lies with the stars but things are rarely that simple. The Torah proclaims: the reward for studying Torah and performing the 613 Commandments is the reward in itself and I agree. As I get older and older, all I want to do is to say these beautiful words everywhere I go. I want to saturate the Earth with my prayers. The blessed life of people like Rick are admirable and I am happy for the joy they express in the world, but I am most happy with my portion.

I am a minimalist and a few things go a long way; fleeting emotions of love can satisfy for a long time—ideas comes in quick glimpses instead of the elaborate mental scenery of my youth. I wonder if old people natural go to the desert because growing old is a process of drying out, losing essential liquids. Fuck it, I’ll go to the desert. I am in Joshua Tree for the weekend before leaving to journey through the actual park on my way to Slab City. Living in a vehicle is a constant search for better places to store things but the most difficult is how to set myself up to write while on the road. After trying many options I finally came upon the perfect place.

If I lift the back door of the station wagon and sit outside, I can easily rest my knees against the bumper a make a platform to write and I can also shield my laptop from the glare of the sun. This is such a relief to me to know I can stop anywhere and write. I have never tried to write while on the road, but this trip is different. I feel no pressure from anyone and anything other than the Creator who creates for me moment by moment a new reality. On the road, dreams and aspiration extend to the horizon. The sun goes up, the sun goes down bringing another day completely unlike the the previous day.

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