Paradise Lost

Fifteen years ago, when I returned to California after a lifetime away, driving an old van filled with my library of 600 Hebrew books, I stopped in Chico, California to try and figure out whether to go north to Mt Shasta or South to San Francisco. In either event, I would have to first find somewhere to deposit my books because there was hardly room for me to sleep. As I was contemplating my decision, someone came by on a bicycle and asked me what was wrong? I told him, I was living in my van but my books were taking up too much room and I had to put them somewhere, while I looked for somewhere to stay. He suggested Paradise. “Put your books in Paradise,” he said.

At first I thought he was joking, but no there really is a place called Paradise, California. I drove east, slopping upwards where giant slabs of rock jutted out horizontal to the Earth. Paradise was a lofty abode, a peaceful beautiful little town with a large senior population. I found a place in Paradise to store my books. I left feeling confidant, my prized possessions, acquired over many years were being safely stored. Some months later, I returned to retrieve my books and brought them to San Diego. The town of Paradise, for me was a respite of safety and a sign from Heaven, I was not journeying in vain.

So I was sorry to hear on the news, that the little town of Paradise had been completely destroyed by the most recent fire—Paradise Lost. Human progress, at this time, has become a cancer eating away at our country. Having used nature to break the confines of nature has brought about a vindictive nature taking revenge for the way nature has been treated. This is not a metaphor or simile, but the stark reality of misusing our mother. The abuse of man against nature has begotten the abuse between man against woman. In 221 years will begin the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace.

The human being is resilient; people who lost their homes will rebuild and the land will regenerate—the question is, will the will of man change? There is nothing more valuable than the human being and just maybe, we should care for our world and the people upon the world instead of going into outer space or fighting wars over money and religion. People have been deluded to think life happens spontaneously and therefore life has no purpose, but this is not true. On the contrary, we are in the End of Days when the six thousand year calendar runs out.

The Roman calendar is a fraud because it never stops, it just goes on forever just like their Roman idea of spontaneous life arising out of inorganic matter. People who believe in the lie will never know the truth. Truth has a beginning, a middle and an end, like the word Emet/Truth is made from the first, middle and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

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